Palm’Data provides regulatory archiving services for physical (paper, specimens, samples) or electronic data.

Located in Sophia-Antipolis (France) , our site is highly secure with high quality storage and environmental monitoring infrastructures :

  • Restricted access 24/7
  • Fire detection systems (VESDA)
  • Pests and flooding protection
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

Paper archives are kept in archive boxes on mobile shelving.

We have a dedicated room for storing histo-pathological blocks and slides, as well as ventilated cabinets for pharmaceutical products or wet specimens.

For your project, we can implement a specific process to manage your archives from entry to disposal.

All operations are carried out with complete traceability:

  • Transfer/entry slips
  • Inventory
  • Limited access to your documents according to your specifications
  • Follow-up of retrievals
  • Disposal slips
  • Confidential disposal
  • Certificate of Disposal

We can also set up specific retrievals processes:

  • On-site retrieval
  • Scanning
  • Shipment

Give us your archives, they will be kept in a GxP compliant environment. Since August 2019, our facilities has been declared GLP compliant with ANSM (French GLP regulatory monitoring authority).